Your life, Your style.

What we wear is how we appear to the world. It’s how we express our personality. It’s how we express what really matters to us.

What matters to us is bringing warmth, depth, and colour to our lives and to our world. We believe fashion has the power to create that world.

From these elements, we found our purpose. We adapted and refined them to create three core values - Love from positivity, All from inclusiveness, and inspiration from creating for You - and made them the ethos of our company, our collections, and each one of our pieces: Love You All, which we shortened to LYA.

A style worthy of you.

Established in 2020, LYA is a clothing and accessories brand from London, England that crafts timeless designs for people with something to say.

The soul of the brand is based in self-sourcing the best quality materials that are then tailored into soft, comfortable, long-lasting garments and accessories with an unmistakable look. 

From sourcing materials to designing and manufacturing the final pieces, many individuals play a part in the journey of producing each LYA collection. We consider everyone that’s involved in this process an Artist, and celebrate them by nurturing an environment where expression is encouraged and prioritised.

By being supported with love and passion, our Artists are empowered to develop creative, fashionable and always-comfortable pieces that you can wear proudly.

A brand about quality

By working closely with manufacturers and designers using the best internationally sourced fabrics, LYA produces quality pieces with collections built around all-year essentials that are suitable for any wardrobe. 

We bring our passion for style, design, colour, simplicity, and comfort to contemporary clothing and accessories that allow us to express our best selves. 

LYA produces long-lasting canvases of our artist's visions, making them into worthwhile, wearable pieces. By producing smaller, limited collections and celebrating art, we make a stand in a world of fast, forgettable fashion, with releases that are fresh, dynamic, and vibrant.  

LYA pieces are designed to be the just-right look, from taking on a full day of meetings at the office to grabbing a drink with a friend before relaxing and winding down for the evening.

A Unique Representation

It was important to us that our visual identity represented us in a bold, but minimalistic and fashionable manner.

We thought about how love comes in many forms and shapes and the idea of fusing the universal symbol of love, a heart, and the acronym of Love You All, LYA, came to mind. A mathematical principle called Golden Ration was used to forge them together as one.

Known also as the Divine Proportion for its occurrence in many naturally beautiful forms, the method allows to create an organic, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing composition.

The Golden Ratio imbued our logo with a clarity and visualisation that fully represents our concept, our vision, our Artists, and our Brand to the world.